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Nevertheless, for many sophisticated rogues this method only entices its danger. A well-known world shuler was invented a special device, called the ape's paw. It is a piece of wire about 35 cm long, crocheted at the end. This simple device was inserted into the coin insertion / withdrawal nyspins casino, then interfered with the coin counter. This method allowed to knock down the mechanism of the machine, forcing each time to issue a larger amount of money. Perhaps, the most effective invention, which allows you to deceive the nyspins casino. The bottom line is that a small light source is routed directly to the sensors of the gaming machine.

The machine can not calculate the amount that was given, the failure occurs and everything that was in the nyspins casino, goes into the paws of scammers. The scheme is effective, but very short-lived, as casino employees clearly monitor the presence of foreign devices in the players. This way is familiar to many from the time of using children's nyspins casino gaming. To throw a coin, but so that there is always the opportunity to pull it back. In the nyspins casino gaming more cunning and well-developed variants of this method are used. Sluggers use not only a thread, but also completely forged and not differing from the original coin.

Steal with a hanger the strategy is similar to the case of using a device such as a monkey's paw. In this case, the gaming machine is not able to properly evaluate the nyspins casino gaming and pay the right amount. Perhaps, this method can be considered the oldest and no less effective. In the distant past, scammers must have had a good knowledge of programming and engineering in order to successfully nyspins casino gaming the machine with the necessary defect. As a rule, this took place long before the machine was put into operation in the casino. This kind of cheating is a painstaking, almost jeweler's job.

Since if you follow the plan correctly, then the machine will obey unquestioningly the algorithm given to it. For example, a nyspins casino gaming will be able to issue money at a specific time and in a specific way. Nevertheless, this kind of deception is practically inaccessible and many cunning people were caught. Despite the fact that nyspins casino gambling establishments strictly follow the manifestations of fraud, rogues do not sit still, and every day more sophisticated ways of stealing money are invented, even by the most vigilant nyspins casino. Virtual reality gradually displaces a person into the world of computers, networks.