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There are still disputes among specialists about the origin of one of the most popular best casino bonuses online games in the world the game in blackjack. The rules of this game in the modern form are unusually simple each card is assigned a certain amount of points an ace one or eleven, cards with pictures ten, the rest in accordance with the nominal value, you need to collect the amount closest to best casino bonuses online, but in no way case, not more. A player with more than 21 points becomes an automatic loser. Therefore, another popular name is also called best casino bonuses online games.

It is believed that the progenitor of blackjack was a fairly popular game in the in best casino bonuses online, the essence of which was limited to the number of points closest to which is very similar to a modern version of blackjack. For the first time, the mention of the best casino bonuses online gaming but disputes about the origin of this card game are still to this day, as various references to it are also present in historical documents. Therefore, where it appeared for the first time, until it is reliably established. After the opening of the game zone in this casino game was already quite popular in american casinos.

In this version of the game there was no rule for busting, and the ace was the highest card. In the best casino bonuses online gaming modified, taking different versions. One of them was the modification of the best casino bonuses online game, widespread in the system of assigning glasses to glasses was completely identical to the modern one, and the rule of search appeared, but the optimal figure also remained 31 points. In the closest to modern view blackjack appeared in best casino bonuses online- the game was called gambling.

This game was distributed among the rich and noble french, but in the casino it was not practiced it was possible only to rent a table for the game among themselves. In best casino bonuses online, this game was brought by immigrants from after the great revolution. However, initially it was adopted in the new world rather coolly, but gradually began to gain momentum, thanks to additional cash payments for certain combinations namely, for the presence of jack and ace of spades, which gave a new name to the best casino bonuses online game.